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Wendy Crewson Joins “Star Trek Discovery” as Starfleet Admiral

Star Trek Discovery Beams Aboard Wendy Crewson

Wendy Crewson Beams Aboard Discovery

Later this year, CBS will be releasing a new Star Trek television series entitled “Star Trek Discovery“.  The show will be on the streaming services AllAccess (USA), CraveTV (Canada), and Netflix (rest of world).

All previous Star Trek television series were filmed in California, however Discovery is being filmed outside the US – in Toronto, Canada.  Toronto, known locally as Hollywood North, has a large pool of talent to draw from, and an ethnically and culturally diverse population for Star Trek to choose from.

We’re getting word that local actor, Wendy Crewson, has been cast in Discovery to play a Starfleet Admiral.  We’re unsure of her character’s name, her species, or how many episodes she will be in, but this is certainly an interesting casting.

Wendy Crewson will appear as a Starfleet Admiral in Star Trek Discovery
Wendy Crewson will appear as a Starfleet Admiral in Star Trek Discovery

Crewson is a Canadian actor with an extensive list of credits to her name.  Some scifi fans may have seen her in the hit series Ascension.  Crewson’s awards include Canadian Screen Award for Best Performance and multiple Gemini awards for Best Performance.

In Wendy Crewson’s Own Words

Edited to add the following YouTube video.  Crewson confirming that she will appear in Star Trek Discovery.


“Star Trek Discovery” to Have King Instead of Chancellor?

Klingon King instead of Chancellor?

Updated March 31st 2017

We still don’t know for sure if Chris Obi will be playing “King” of the Klingons, or if it’ll be “Chancellor”.  This video tweet he uploaded earlier today feels like a direct response to this article.

Here’s the tweet.

Hints at a Change in Klingon Leadership

Over the past few days, a number of people involved in the production of Star Trek Discovery have been dropping some not so subtle hints about Chris Obi’s role as T’Kuvma, leader of the Klingon Empire.

Traditionally in Star Trek canon, the top Klingon position is known as “Chancellor”.  The Chancellor is leader of the Klingon Empire, and therefore head of the Klingon High Council.  Looking further into Klingon history, the Empire (mainly the homeworld Qo’noS), fittingly, was run by an Emperor.

That may be about to take a complete turn.  We’re going on record now with our opinion that the top Klingon, in this case T’Kuvma, will not be playing Chancellor but will instead be playing King.  Here’s a few of the tweets being sent around by Discovery production crew and cast to back that up.

Production and Cast Social Media

Then there’s this tweet from Aaron Harberts.  Aaron is one of the main showrunners that took over to Bryan Fuller when he stepped down.  We responded to Aaron and included Chris Obi.

We feel this tweet below was a direct response to our tweet above.  Chris Obi specifically uses both the “King” and “Chancellor” terminology in his post.

Maybe!  At this point we feel that it’s more than a “maybe”; it’s a “likely”.

Klingons Undergoing Culture Change?

If T’Kuvma is indeed King of the Klingons, this may mean that the species is undergoing a change in direction.  It’s a departure from what we’ve seen in any of the previous Star Trek television series or any of the movies.  Star Trek Discovery is set to break new ground and it will be interesting to see how the hardcore fans react to the changes.  Given that we know T’Kuvma is looking to unite the Houses, might this be the beginnings of a cultural in Klingon history?  We’ve already been told by insiders that the Klingons are looking to take on a slightly more cerebral persona, which would be fitting with a cultural shift.  As it is, we’ve seen that Klingons are likely taking on a new look in appearance, so why not new, more in-depth character traits too?

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Sneak Peek at Vulcans in “Star Trek Discovery”

Sneak Peek at Vulcans in "Star Trek Discovery"

We Have an Insider in Toronto

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Star Trek Discovery started filming in Toronto, Canada this January.  Earlier today we were happy to learn that one of our writers knows someone that has a role on the production of Star Trek Discovery.  We were shown pictures of member(s) of an alien species that should be familiar to any Star Trek fan.

While for obvious reasons we can’t go into any details about plot, settings, or any specifics about what our acquaintance’s roles entail, we can elude to a few things, and one “win”,  that fans have been waiting to hear about for the upcoming television series.

Vulcans of Star Trek Discovery

What we were able to learn about was Vulcans, and how they’ll look in Discovery.

The Vulcans are easily one of the most recognizable groups of aliens in the entire Star Trek franchise.  Appearing initially in Star Trek: The Original Series with Spock, Star Trek Discovery will also have its fair share of our logic-driven friends.  One of those characters, named Sarek (played by James Frain), and known to most as being Spock’s father, is already known to be the Vulcan Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets.  However during the time period in which Discovery takes place, we’re unsure if Sarek has been made Ambassador yet.

Sarek was announced by CBS as being one of the main cast members of the new show.

After reviewing the photos (which we were shown but not given) of the individuals in makeup and costume, we conclude and confirm that the Vulcans have not been re-imaged or re-imagined, much to our relief.  At least not unless their species-defining physical characteristics change in appearance throughout their lifetimes (which we can confirm they do not).  Think Star Trek (2009) or The Animated Series episode Yesteryear for what that could potentially mean.

Vulcan Fashion of the 23rd Century

Spock in Star Trek 2009 - Not necessarily indicative of the fashion we saw
Spock in Star Trek 2009 – Not necessarily indicative of the fashion we saw

In terms of the fashion and costumes, from what we’ve seen in the pictures, they’re pretty much on par with the quality of other costumes shown in the Discovery teaser trailer, and that of Paramount’s new Star Trek movie franchise.  The styles have not diverged much from those movies.  The costume designers have taken some clear queues from previous Star Trek incarnations, turning them into a fresh, sleek look that would be expected of Vulcans.

If and when we’re able to reveal more details or specifics, we’ll be sure to post them right here.

Are you happy to learn that the Vulcan appearance won’t be changing in Star Trek Discovery?  Tell us in the comments section below.

USS Shenzhou Destroyed in “Star Trek Discovery”?

Will the USS Discovery be an amalgamated crew with the USS Shenzhou crew?

CBS Casting Announcements

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We’ve seen the USS Shenzhou referenced a number of times so far in official Star Trek Discovery updates put out by CBS.  She’s a Federation starship that will be part of the show’s plot line in some way or another.  Exactly to what extent the Shenzhou will be in it hasn’t been released yet.

It’s been nearly three months now since the first Star Trek Discovery casting announcement was made on November 29th 2016.  At least one of the three people in that press release is slated to be a member of the Shenzhou’s crew.  Michelle Yeoh will play Shenzhou’s Captain Georgiou.  In addition to that cast announcement, there has since been three further casting updates, and there’s at least one more to come.  Lieutenant Commander Rainsford hasn’t been officially announced yet by CBS, but it’s widely believed she’ll be played by Sonequa Martin-Green.

Current Cast of Star Trek Discovery
Current Cast of Star Trek Discovery

At this point in time, strangely, we now know of more Shenzhou crew members than of the USS Discovery.  That said, an important point to note here is that there has been no duplication of roles announced for either ship when you look at the cast as a whole.  The captain of the Shenzhou has been announced.  The captain of the Discovery has not.  Chief medical officer for Shenzhou announced – Discovery; no mention of a doctor.  And so on.

So why no replication in roles if crews of both ships are being announced?

Starship Crews to Combine

USS Discovery Captain's Chair
USS Discovery Captain’s Chair

It’s possible (actually, likely in our opinion) that things are being done this way because the crews of the USS Shenzhou and the crew of the USS Discovery will be forced to merge in the new Star Trek tv series.  We now believe the Shenzhou will not make it much past the pilot episode and that her crew will need to take up refuge aboard the USS Discovery.

It could also be the other way around, with the Shenzhou being the primary ship, but then we’d be stuck wondering why the name of the series is “Discovery“.

Perhaps some cataclysmic event happens early in the series that kills a number of crew from both ships – maybe even destroying the Shenzhou in the process – and forcing the amalgamation of crews for survival, and to complete their mission.  This could partially explain why the series lead is a Lieutenant Commander, if she were one of just a few crew remaining on the Discovery and with detailed knowledge of its mission.

What’s the Deal With the USS Shenzhou?

USS Shenzhou Schematic?

Little is Known About the USS Shenzhou – a Starfleet Vessel

We analyze the USS Shenzhou, speculate on its role and appearance, and try to figure out how it may fit in within the latest Star Trek television series, Star Trek Discovery.

Star Trek Discovery - USS Shenzhou
Star Trek Discovery – USS Shenzhou
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The USS Shenzhou.  Very few official details about this Starfleet vessel have been released by CBS or the Star Trek Discovery production crew.  We don’t know if the starship shown above even is the USS Shenzhou.  So what do we know, and what can we infer from the details we have so far?  What speculation can be made from so little information?

Some – so lets dive right in.

What We Know of the Shenzhou So Far

Before we begin, let us start by itemizing what we do know about this mystery Starfleet ship so that we can extrapolate some further details and information.

These details are provided either by CBS on their Star Trek Discovery website or news sections, the Discovery production crew itself (including former showrunner Bryan Fuller, writers, the cast, and filming crew in Toronto), or are fair assumptions that can be made based on what data we do have, be that quotes, images, video, tweets, etc.

Here’s what we’ve managed to compile that we feel has a very high probability of truth.

  1. The Shenzhou is a Starfleet vessel
  2. It’s under the command of Captain Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh)
  3. Chief Medical Officer is Dr. Nambue (Maulik Pancholy)
  4. There is a Junior Officer, Ensign Connor, assigned to crew (Sam Vartholomeos)
  5. It will appear in at least one episode of Star Trek Discovery
  6. The word “shenzhou” (神舟) means “divine craft”
  7. Named in honor of China’s first manned spacecraft
  8. The bridge will have a typical Starfleet-styled circular shape

Speculations About the USS Shenzhou

Next we’re going to put together a list that is more speculative.  Each item on the list is based on what we feel to be most likely.  These aren’t simply guessing – each has reason and analysis behind it.  For example, in #5 we state the USS Shenzhou is likely smaller than USS Discovery.  To us this makes sense or the Shenzhou would likely be the main ship of the series.  Additionally, we believe the picture above is of the Shenzhou, and judging by the warp nacelles, this is a smaller class vessel.

Here’s the speculations list.

  1. It’s likely of a previously-unseen Starfleet vessel class, though familiar (Enterprise NX-01, Miranda Class, etc)
  2. It’s probably a 23rd century build and/or design, though late 22nd century isn’t out of the question
  3. It will almost certainly have a sub-1700 NCC registry number
  4. The Shenzhou will likely be featured throughout entire first season or more
  5. It’s probably a smaller ship, and smaller crew, than the USS Discovery

More ‘Shenzhou’ and Less ‘Discovery’

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What’s of interest is that as of now (February 15, 2017) there are more official cast members assigned to the USS Shenzhou than there are to the USS Discovery.  It’s unclear why that is.  As of now, there are three crew assigned to the Shenzhou and just one to Discovery (Lt. Cmd. Rainsford has had no official announcement yet).  It’s unclear which crew Saru will belong to.  Sarek is not likely to be a crew member of either vessel, though a likely passenger, and the three remaining official cast announcements are all Klingons.

If the series does end up focused more around the crew of the USS Shenzhou than the crew of the Discovery, it could mean that Lieutenant Commander Rainsford, our protagonist, is operating covertly.  Perhaps in collaboration with the Shenzhou.  Or perhaps something will happen to Discovery’s primary bridge crew that forces Rainsford to take control of the ship.  Afterall, why make a big deal of the Captain’s chair at the end of the most recent Discovery teaser if it’s not an important seat?

Shifting gears; we know that the only officially-announced crewman of the USS Discovery is Lt. Stamets.  Stamets is an Astromycologist by training and specializes in
fungus.  It seems that this would be an important piece of information, and a very specialized field of science.  Does that mean it’ll be a handy one too?  If so, then Stamets may be spending a lot of time, possibly all of his time, on a planet instead of Discovery.  Will he be alone or will Rainsford be with him?  Would the Shenzhou then be the primary starship of the show with Rainsford still technically a crew-member of the USS Discovery?  This is all wild speculation but it would be interesting if the USS Shenzhou becomes the focus, kind of like how the USS Defiant did on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  Or would Lt. Stamets be dealing with a fungal outbreak, perhaps one that affects a certain humanoid species?

Tell us what you think the Shenzhou’s role will be in Star Trek Discovery in the comments section below.

Here’s How Klingons Look in “Star Trek Discovery” & Why It’s a Big Deal

Klingons of Star Trek Discovery to take on a new(ish) look

Chris Obi, Shazad Latif and Mary Chieffo are the three primary Klingons to be cast in Star Trek Discovery.  There’s been a huge amount of speculation over what Klingons will look like in the new series.  Many articles have been written in anticipation of whether or not they would follow the 23rd century or the 24th century Klingon look.

Why is it so important and what makes it such a big deal?  Well, quite literally, without exaggeration, it’ll set the tone for entire the series.  If you think that sounds like hyperbole – we don’t think it is.  Here’s why it’s not, and why it’s so important to us.

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The Original Series Klingons

Klingons, Unfortunately, were "Black Face" in The Original Series
Klingons, Unfortunately, were “Black Face” in The Original Series

In Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS), Klingons essentially looked like humans – but with “evil” goatee beards and exaggerated eyebrows to make them look distinct.  They were also often (rather unfortunately) made to appear foreign to humans by their awkwardly brown skin color.  Literally “black face“, brown edition.  This was a cheap way for Star Trek, which was operating on a shoestring budget, to introduce a new alien species.  The Klingons were a warrior race, but looked just like us; well kind of like us, and not in a good way.

Klingons Evolve Post-Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Klingons Had Ridged Foreheads by Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Klingons Had Ridged Foreheads by Star Trek: The Motion Picture

By the time Star Trek: The Motion Picture came around, the forehead had started to take shape in the way we know it.  And by Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock, it had reached it’s final form.  With feature-film budgets, more money could be spent on makeup and costume design.  Klingons took on the look they would have from that point forward.  Best known is Worf, the first Klingon to serve for Starfleet, who exhibited this forehead trait.  Ridging became a clear indication of one’s Klingon-ness.  It also made the Klingon species the most recognizable alien race for fans and non-fans alike.

Bridging the 23rd and 24th Century

Kirk speaks with Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Trials and Tribble-ations
Kirk speaks with Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Trials and Tribble-ations

Then came an episode of Deep Space Nine that made cinematic history.  The crew of the USS Defiant were transported from the 24th century, back to the 23rd century, in the episode titled Trials and Tribble-ations.  The crew of DS9 was literally placed into an episode of The Original Series, thanks to then-modern-day special effects.

Something to keep in mind is that every Star Trek tv series and movie is part of official Star Trek canon.  That means something that has happened or that is true in one episode also reins true in all other episodes of every other series and movie.  A single continuity.

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In Trials and Tribble-ations, the Defiant’s crew was rather bewilder when they were introduced to Klingons that looked rather human-like sans ridges.  Dr. Bashir famously questions “those are Klingons?”  For them, in the 24th century, all Klingons have forehead ridges – it’s a species-defining trait.  When asked why these 23rd century Klingons had no ridges, Worf simply states “we do not speak about it with outsiders“.  Fair enough.  We don’t get to know because only Klingons can know.  Canon was saved, albeit by a bit of a cop-out!

Back to the 22nd Century

Star Trek Enterprise Klingon, 22nd century
Star Trek Enterprise Klingon, 22nd century

Next came Star Trek: Enterprise, a series known for pretty much ignoring canon in an effort to make Trek “cool” and “sexy”. (Yup, they literally tried to describe Star Trek Enterprise in those terms).  Its seeming departure from canon is part of the reason this series rated poorly in my opinion.

Surprisingly, Enterprise explained quite well why the Klingons had ridged foreheads for most of the 22nd century, human-like faces in the 23rd, and again ridged foreheads in the 24th.   The explanation is one of the best things to come out of Enterprise.  There’s very few of those in this writer’s opinion.

The explanation?  The Klingon Augment Virus.  Bear with me for a moment here as I explain just what this means.

In Star Trek: Enterprise, Klingons were initially depicted with their ridged foreheads, just like they were in the Star Trek movies, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and VoyagerThe Original Series was the only franchise in which they didn’t.  That means at some point between the 22nd century and 23rd century, something happened to the Klingons that made them look more human.  And then sometime between the 23rd century and the 24th century, they went back to having ridged foreheads.

Star Trek fans will undoubtedly remember Khan, from Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan (you know, “Khaaaaaaaan!”).  Khan was a genetic superman, a vestige of the Eugenics Wars on Earth.  The Eugenics Wars left Earth pretty much in shambles, so genetic manipulation of the sort was outlawed.  Well in Enterprise in the 22nd century, someone managed to dig up the old recipe.  The Klingons, in typical Klingon fashion, interpreted this as a human weapon to destroy the Empire.  So they located some of this awesome sauce and applied it to themselves in hopes of giving their species the upper hand.  Unfortunately, because the genetic manipulation was intended for humans, the unintended consequence was that Klingons began looking like humans.  This would plague and embarrass the Klingon Empire for some time to come.  Klingon genetics sciences are hardly on the forefront.

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Essentially, Enterprise did the right thing to maintain canon not only for itself, but to enhance the centuries-long plotline in a fantastic way.

Great, so everything is making sense and the universe is as it should be.  Not so fast!  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.  Enter Star Trek Into Darkness, where we were once again introduced to another look for the Klingon.

Star Trek Into Darkness Ruined it All

Star Trek Into Darkness once again changed the appearance of the Klingon forehead
Star Trek Into Darkness once again changed the appearance of the Klingon forehead

I personally love the look of the Klingons in Into Darkness.  It’s a better representation of a warrior race in my opinion. But canon for the look had already been established for decades at this point.  Star Trek canon for the Klingon was messed up yet again, this time it was the eyes.  Well, kind of.  That’s because it (Into Darkness) can be explained away as being part of the Kelvin universe.  The Kelvin universe is an alternate universe caused by the time-traveling Romulan named Nero is Star Trek (2009).  So now we have one universe (Prime) where TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, and all the movies exist – except those after 2009, and an alternative universe (Kelvin) where the 3 newest Star Trek movies take place.

We’ve already been told that Star Trek Discovery will be in the Prime universe, much to the appreciation of most fans.  So at least we don’t have to worry about Klingons looking like those in the Kelvin universe.  Or do we?

What Each Option Could Have Meant

Ridged:  If the Klingons look like those of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and thereafter, canon is likely broken and we’re essentially in reboot territory.  That’s because Discovery takes place 10 years before Kirk’s 5-year mission.  A time-period when Klingons looked like humans.  However there is a caveat: were all Klingons infected with the Klingon Augment Virus?  If not, we can have ridged foreheads without breaking canon.  (Edited to clarify)  It is accepted that not all Klingons caught the virus, and that all Klingons encountered by the USS Enterprise during Kirk’s 5-year mission either had the virus, or were descendants of Klingons that did.

Un-ridged: If they look more like humans, we’re fully within canon.  In that case Discovery isn’t likely looking to rewrite Trek history in ways that Trekkies and Trekkers may not appreciate.  A somewhat safer bet.  However there’s a lot of confines placed on a new canon show thanks to some 900+ episodes of the various Star Trek series.

Ridged – but different: If they look different all-together then we know Discovery is completely charting a new course, possibly rewriting canon in its path.  This would likely receive a lot of lashback from Star Trek fans.  However it’d be similar to the lashback that The Next Generation first received when it aired.  It looked quite different than The Original Series.  Now, TNG is often considered to be the best of Star Trek.  So if Discovery does chart a new course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all is lost.

Klingons in “Discovery” – What They Mean

Klingons of Star Trek Discovery to take on a new(ish) look
Klingons of Star Trek Discovery to take on a new(ish) look

Okay, history lesson of the future is complete.  Now to the Klingons of Star Trek Discovery.  It appears that what we’re getting is that last option – a combination of things.  Yes, these Klingons have ridged foreheads.  But they’re different.  The ridging goes all the way from forehead to the back of their necks.  This is somewhat similar in look to the Klingons found in Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country, though those don’t fully go all the way down.  What this means is that we may have a break in canon, but not so significantly that it abandons us all.  It’s something new, but not so terribly foreign to us.  Fresh and as scary as a Klingon should be.

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There has also been an elongation to their heads, though that only appears to be the case for a few of the Klingons standing around in this picture.  Also of note is that they appear to all be bald whereas in all other series, Klingons had hair.

There’s another option that allows Star Trek Discovery to remain canon.  The fact that the Klingon Empire spans many star systems and planets.  Depending on just how long the Klingons have been a spacefaring species, there could easily be Klingons that have evolved differently to match their planetary conditions, per this responding tweet.

That’s certainly another possibility and a very good point.

So what do you think about these new Star Trek Discovery Klingons?  Tell us below.  We want to hear your thoughts.


Has Maulik Pancholy Joined the “Star Trek Discovery” Cast?

Maulik Pancholy Cast in Star Trek Discovery?
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Breaking News (January 21, 09:55AM EST).  Has Maulik Pancholy (30 Rock) been cast to Star Trek Discovery?

Earlier today, Chris Obi tweeted a video of himself, Shazad Latif and someone identified as Maulik that appears to be Maulik Pancholy, en route to an “unidentified” project they’re working on.  (shout out to my exhausted breastfeeding wife for recognizing Maulik).  It’s believed that John, sitting next to Chris Obi, may be a member of Discovery’s production crew.

In the Twitter video Obi enthusiastically states “we’re going to do this really exciting job that everyone knows about“, referring to Star Trek Discovery.  Asking Pancholy what the job is, Pancholy says “I cannot remember, I don’t know, why am I here! Why am I here?“.  Obi then finishes the video by saying “So much silence going on, we don’t know why we’re here.  We don’t even know who we are anymore. But we love you still, and we’re going to get right back to you as soon as we know where we are and who we are and why we are“.  So it sounds like we can expect some announcement at some point soon.

Of course that was all stated with a big wink by Obi as it’s hardly a secret that he has been cast in Star Trek Discovery.  It’s also no secret that Discovery begins filming January 24th (we were first to break that news too!).

Here’s Chris Obi’s video tweet with Maulik Pancholy

If indeed Pancholy has been added to the cast, and that’s still a big if, this series is turning out to be the most racially diverse cast and crew of any Star Trek franchise yet.

While Obi hinted at an announcement, it’s unlikely that CBS will make any announcement today.  We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open over the next few days for confirmation.  And for now, as Chris Obi says “the saga continues with an ever growing cast.”

Has Star Trek Discovery Intro Music Been Revealed?

Star Trek Discovery News and Articles
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This just in.  We may know what the music for Star Trek: Discovery‘s opening credits sounds like.  And we’re liking what we hear.

While it still remains unconfirmed that the composition is indeed the introduction music, or that it will be used for Star Trek Discovery at all, we do know that the music is being produced for CBS and is directly related to Star Trek in some form.  What form that is remains to be seen.  Since it’s unlikely that CBS has any other Star Trek productions in the works, there’s a good chance this is the shows theme.

Update (Jan 7 2017): We have the full musical composition now.

Star Trek Music Always Represents Themes

One of the things that every Star Trek fan looks forward to in a new Trek series is the introduction music to the show.  Each series has its own unique feel and so do their musical scores, with significant thought being put into what that music should convey.  The upbeat and optimistic sounds of TNG – the USS Enterprise out on an adventure, making discoveries.  The somber sounds of DS9, a station on the galactic outskirts, far from home. The journeying sounds of Voyager – a starship lost on the other side of the galaxy with a mission to get home.  The more mainstream rock sounds of Enterprise – a series set in a more familiar not-too-distant-future.

Twitter user @CharlesHenriAvelange posted a 35 second musical composition clip that is believed to be in contention for Star Trek Discovery‘s them song.

Here’s the Star Trek Discovery Music

The musical theme has uplifting tones, not all unlike those found in other Star Trek musical themes.  It also sounds strikingly aligned with the theme from the movie Galaxy Quest, which poked fun at the original Star Trek series and fandom culture.  Wonder, excitement and discovery are found in these notes, so we definitely believe it’s a possible contender for the new series.

Return to Star Trek’s Musical Roots

If official, it’s nice to see Star Trek‘s return to orchestral music in contrast to the last series, Star Trek Enterprise, whose music was almost universally disliked by fans.

Here’s the original tweet.

Surprise! Star Trek Discovery Casting is Done – Except For Lead

Star Trek Discovery is set 10 years before Captain Kirk's 5-year mission

USS Discovery Crew Has Been Cast

It turns out that Star Trek Discovery has already been cast.  The rumor mill is in full effect. Media sites, including Geek Nation, are reporting that the crew of the USS Discovery and her casting is complete. That is, with the exception of the main series lead – a young human woman filling the role of lieutenant commander.

According to Geek Nation, Bryan Fuller managed to cast most of the major characters before his departure as Star Trek Discovery series show runner. If true, that means the actors have likely been known within the inner-circles for some time.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, cast also will feature an openly gay actor as one of the male leads, which Fuller confirmed.  Additionally, we can expect a female admiral, a male Klingon captain, a male admiral, a male adviser and a British male doctor.  So far, it sounds like a male-dominated show, but it’s likely there will be a good balance of genders in the new series, as has been indicated by Fuller and Heather Kadin on more than one occasion.

Filming to Start in Toronto

Star Trek Discovery cast? Filming begins any day now at Toronto's Pinewood Studios
Star Trek Discovery cast? Filming begins any day now at Toronto’s Pinewood Studios

That the USS Discovery’s crew has been cast comes as a surprise to many, as details have been few and far between.  But this really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  Filming is slated to start any day now in Toronto’s Pinewood studios.  CBS has been very tight-lipped about the casting and are likely awaiting a decision on the main lead before officially turning on the marketing machine.  This writer lives in Toronto and unfortunately hasn’t been able to track down any official casting details.

What this all means is that we can very likely expect an official casting announcement from CBS to come within the next week or two.

Internet Erupts in Understanding Over Star Trek Discovery Delay

Star Trek Discovery has been delayed

Disappointing News for Star Trek Fans

CBS announced today that they will be delaying the new Star Trek Discovery tv series and the Internet has erupted in a fit of disappointment understanding.    Originally slated for January 2017, the new premier air date will be in May 2017.

This is of course disappointing to many Star Trek fans who have been chomping at the bit for a new series to hit the air.  Take these tweets for example…

There is, of course, plenty more where that came from.

The announcement comes just a few days after io9 wrote a scathing review of the Star Trek 50th anniversary “festivities”.  If you’re a huge Star Trek fan like we are, we recommend that you read this article.  It really summed up our feelings well.

On the other hand, in typical Star Trek fandom style, it seems that most fans are more than understanding.

Producers Feel it Deserves the Best

Discovery’s show producers feel that they’d be too short on time to create a production of the quality they feel Star Trek Discovery deserves.   In a joint statement released today by producers Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, they stated that “bringing Star Trek back to television carries a responsibility and mission: to connect fans and newcomers alike to the series that has fed our imaginations since childhood.”

Initial response is that most Star Trek fans agree.  Indeed creating a new series (Star Trek is always at its best on television) bears a big responsibility.  One that nobody wants to get wrong.  After more than 10 years without new episodes, getting Star Trek Discovery wrong could potentially kill the television franchise.  It’s important that CBS and Star Trek: Discovery producers and writers be able to draw in audiences and create fans as a generation has grown up without new episodes being on air.

Live Long and Prosper - Star Trek: Discovery
If the choices are: a) rushing Star Trek Discovery and possibly killing the franchise b) delaying it by five months I’m for delaying it. I’d far rather that it live long and prosper than die young.

The new comes after a very cool reception of test footage of the USS Discovery.  The video was never meant to be final, either in ship design or in quality of visuals.  That didn’t stop the Internet from nearly splitting in two over whether the USS Discovery was beautiful or the most ugly star ship in Starfleet.

All that said, CBS announced Star Trek: Discovery nearly a year ago now, giving them plenty of time to get their act together.  With just three months away from the original air date, it feels this delay has come at the last hour.  Filming was originally slated to begin in Toronto later in September.  According to Variety, filming is now slated to begin in November – still in Toronto.

More Time for Better Visual Effects

Also hinted at were the visual effects for the series and getting the best of what’s available.  “We aim to dream big and deliver, and that means making sure the demands of physical and post-production for a show that takes place entirely in space, and the need to meet an air date, don’t result in compromised quality. Before heading into production, we evaluated these realities with our partners at CBS and they agreed: Star Trek deserves the very best, and these extra few months will help us achieve a vision we can all be proud of.”

This comes after a very cool reception of test footage of the USS Discovery.  The video was never meant to be final, either in ship design or in quality of visuals.  That didn’t stop the Internet from nearly splitting in two over whether the USS Discovery was beautiful or ugly.

This website also produced its own video of the USS Discovery, based on the test footage above.

Impact on Novel and Comic Books

There is no word yet on whether or not this will also delay the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery novel or comic books.  But it’s likely the launch of both will also be pushed back at least until May so as not to reveal too many details in advance of the television premier.

We will bring you more as we get new updates.


Star Trek Discovery to be Revealed on Sept 3rd?

Star Trek Discovery Writers Nicholas Meyer and Kirsten Beyer

September 3rd Star Trek Discovery Reveal

Mark September 3rd, 2016 on your calendar – we may be getting some additional Star Trek: Discovery details on that day.  At 3:30pm during Mission New York,  Star Trek: Discovery writers Nicholas Meyer and Kirsten Beyer will share the stage for a Meet the Writers panel.

Beyer and Meyer – Crew Announcements

No saying for certain what types of detail, or just how much they’ll tease us with.  The cast of the USS Discovery should not only be selected soon, but also be preparing for filming in Toronto in September.  That means it’s entirely possible we’ll hear about the actors portraying the new Star Trek characters from Beyer and Meyer.

We may also finally learn what the series is all about, the mission of the USS Discovery.  Perhaps even what Bryan Fuller was eluding to when he said the show focused around an event mentioned in Star Trek: The Original Series.

Be sure to check out our Star Trek Discovery Crew section for future details.